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 Dishonest seller on GTR.UK-forum 
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Blev medlem: mån aug 30, 2004 9:51 am
Inlägg: 2691
Ort: Gävle
Inlägg Dishonest seller on GTR.UK-forum
As I have been foolish enough to get into expensive business with Gozilla1000 i hereby issue a BIG WARNING, to save you other forum members from being scammed by this compulsive liar/cheat.
I have paid this user (See details below) GB£ 890.00 for a new pair of GT28R turbos at the end of july, and got absolutely nothing in return..
Well, actually I got guarantees by telephone, mail, Skype, PM:s, you name it.. that parts was either on it´s way form a secret supplier or was under reconfiguration to fit a GTR. (As it turns out the GT28RS´s existence has nerver been proven in any way than by word of mouth). He has never given any info without a request.. well, most has been false anyway..

During august, the seller conveniently claimed to be on holiday..(probably using my money) and was "unable" to perform my requested (albeit promised) trace of the (obviously never) sent refund.

Last thing heard from this guy was his promise to fax a receipt/proof indicating that a refund was issued about 4 weeks ago.. And now there is only silence ( I have actually expected).

So if any of you Skyline-friends can help me in getting this guy in contact with reality I would be very grateful.

His details are:

Din Kalogjera
Masarikova 11
10000 Zagreb

contact details are:

cell phone: +385 91 733 1928
Skype : Godzilla10000 (Din)
ICQ: 70203151 (Speedandsound)

Feel free to contact him on my behalf, reminding him about the unfinished business..

This guy (who has problem in delivering a pair of turbos) claims to be selling parts for 40-50.000 Euros every month !! -- and performing around 10 transactions per day.. Strange he can´t deliver these to me, or resolve a tracing of a claimed performed refund, don´t you think ?
Probably he is playing around with the constructing of the less then informative web-site his e-mail seems assocated with.
BTW here is a picture that he links to from his ICQ-profile. Is that car his Skyline he claims to own??

Lars B.

Moderators: If this post in some way violates the forum rules, Please inform me, as I´m not intending to offend anyone, just enlighten fellow Skyliners.

Lateral G:s are my obsession..

Lasse Borbos

tis sep 19, 2006 11:20 pm
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Blev medlem: mån sep 13, 2004 12:32 pm
Inlägg: 781
Ort: Nutley - UK - Montpellier - France - Gothenburg - Sweden
Äger/kör:: Skyline
Inlägg Re: Dishonest seller on GTR.UK-forum

I have found this: . Maybe it can help you trace him, or have you managed to resolve the problem?

If you would like me to contact him on your behalf, then let me know what you would like me to say. I might have a bit more leverage as I am quite deep in the auto trade, so this might make him listen if it comes to the threat of me blemishing his name in public.



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ons okt 07, 2009 12:50 pm
Profil WWW
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Blev medlem: mån aug 30, 2004 9:51 am
Inlägg: 2691
Ort: Gävle
Inlägg Re: Dishonest seller on GTR.UK-forum
Case is NOT resolved.. I have a complaint filed in Zagreb city Court that I have been judged as having rightful claim of refund. (according to my representing attorrneys at law).. Although the Court has not yet taken any real actions towards the person in question.. (Din Kalogjera). They have some lame explanations every time for not enforcing the (their own) court decision.

I know that Din has done the exact same scam (identical parts & method) towards another user on this forum, so he is a well-known criminal. He has caused several other people harm also performing scams in the USA where he has lived (or claims to have been living).
He also got banned from the UK GTR-owhers forum after he got exposed by my complaints.. But sorry to say he is believed to have run away with other peoples money and living in Germany now.

If anyone can get in contact with him I hope that they can forward any useful address or contact details to me.. Explaining to a thief that he has done wrong is probably nothing he will care about...

Any actions that disturbs this scammer is good for the whole community of businessmen.

So any help to stop further crime is appreciated.

Lateral G:s are my obsession..

Lasse Borbos

ons okt 14, 2009 7:13 pm
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