Hmm... Hi ;)

For all you english speaking guests, talk about Skyline in general.
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Hmm... Hi ;)

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Hi guys ;)
Like all of you, I'm big attans of Skylines. I'm from Poland.
In my country is not easy to see Skylines [problems with registration]
I was few times in Stockholm, last time on SCF finals in Kistamessan. I like this country.
I don't have my own car yet, because I'm still under age but when I'll have drive license I'll try to buy my own Skyline. I don't understand Swedish but I registred on this forum becouse I know that if I'll have any problems or questions you can give me advices and help.

Soo I'll be that active how I can ;)

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Re: Hmm... Hi ;)

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Welcome. :)
Lars Öhgren

"Alla ord du SÄGER som ett ord ska även SKRIVAS som ett ord"

[ O O \ S K Y L I N E / O O ]
två liter räcker långt...
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Re: Hmm... Hi ;)

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If you were at SCF at Kistamässan then you saw some of our cars (mine included), maybe that was when you saw :)

Good luck with your plans of becoming a Skyline-owner.

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