Registering R32 GT-R in Sweden

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Registering R32 GT-R in Sweden

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Hi to all of you here,

short intro about me. I am from Czech, moved in one month ago. Staying in Helsingborg just temporarily and about to move to Malmo. JDM attans. Had two AE86s, S14 kouki, MX-5 NC. Now I want to use the opportunity to put my very own first Skyline on licence plate (as it is impossible in Czech).
If it will not be absolutely necessary, I want to do majority of the work myself and save some money, as it is not a cheap thing to get it running :-).

1/ found almost stock car in the UK (only has catback exhaust, aftermarket shocks, turbo timer and boost gauge. That should be it really.
2/ Bilregistret confirmed necessity of:
- proof of previous registration
- proof of my upcoming ownership - selling contract
- custom clearance document
- and after having car inspected at Bilprovingen I can file for Verification of origin
3/ Bilprovingen confirmed necessity of:
- having rear foglight in the middle or in the left half of the car (TBD)
- speedo in KM (OK from JPN)
- document from Nissan SWEDEN with fuel cap., weight and hp figures
- when applying for verification cross nr. 8 - FOR OWN USE
- and most importantly properly working headlights with E-approved mark

NOW. With the headlights i see the biggest concern. As far as I know those headlights do not exist. And yet several R32s have been registered here in Sweden.

Guys, I would really appreciate a lot, if you can advice me, how should i get through Bilprovingen and get green light from them.

Should you see there anything else missing, please let me know too. But the lights seem to be the biggest problem.

Big big thanks!

Once i manage it, I am looking forward to meet you all :-).

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Re: Registering R32 GT-R in Sweden

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You need to send The registration proof from The previous country among with The invoice when you bought the car and toll paper If the car Was registred in a coul att ntry outside EU when you bought it.

Then you send this paper work to transportstyrelsen and here is a link to The ursprunskontroll paper you absolut need to download
and fill in. ... skontroll/

Download the file and print it out, fill in and Then send all paper work to The adress on the ursprunskontroll.

When you have done that pleae contact me and i help you with The rest.
Just remember it cost 700:- to do this. And you need to send The money before they start with it.

Kind regards / Niclas
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Re: Registering R32 GT-R in Sweden

Inlägg av Andy »

It's a lot simpler than you think. You don't need e marked headlights, fog light, document from Nissan or custom papers since you are importing from another eu country. The most important thing is the V5 document.
All the information you are after you'll find here:
English in the top right corner.
Mvh Andy

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